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Socks / Panti-hoses
Socks / Panti-hoses


“Eurobrands” Ltd. is a trade company - an importer and distributor of italian socks and panti-hoses, slipper and shoes and food products. Our main idea from the beginning was to create a company that is fully oriented to trade with socks, panti-hoses, presenting to a bulgarian market the best of bulgarian and italian producers. The company was founded in 2002. Now after having achieved our goal to become market leaders in this trade, our next goal is to expand and to take leading positions in other business industries such as textiles, food, household products, by keeping and stay true to our business principles and continue by offering to our most loyal partner - the user - the best of the best price.

Our mission:
Our main goal is to be leaders in the distribution of socks and panti-hoses. Our company work with targeted selection of brands and models. We strive to cover all price levels in this business and the priority is high quality goods and good service to our customers. We are working with modern marketing and advertising concepts in the distribution of socks, panti-hoses, slipper, olive oil.

Our suppliers are:
“Blueprint” S.p.a. - Italy - a producer of panti-hoses and socks;
“Tessiltech” S.r.l. - Italy - a producer of socks;
“Megatex” S.p.a. - Italy - a producer of socks;
“Italbalcanica S.r.l. - Italy - a distributor of various italian marks at the Balkans;
”Golden Lady Company” -S.p.a. - a producer of panti-hoses;
“Eurobalkan” Ltd. is an importer of the brand tights “Donna B.C.”;
“Azera” Ltd. are bulgarian producer of socks and panti-hoses;
“Sonic 2” Ltd. - bulgarian producer of socks;
“U.T.C.” Ltd. - distributor of greek olive oil and olives;

- “Appie” – italian socks
- “Kappa”, “Diadora”, ”Sergio Taccini” and “Umbro” - italian socks
- “ Filodoro” – italian socks and panti-hoses
- “Donna B.C.” - italian panti-hoses
- “Tempo” - bulgarian socks and panti-hoses
- “Rox” - italian slippers and shoes
- “Intimio” - italian underwear
- O!LIVE - high quality greek olive oil

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